As you grow older, you may notice dark spots form on your skin. They are likely not painful or dangerous and have the same texture as your skin, but they may appear in visible areas you’d rather keep mark-free. With modern technology in cosmetics, it’s possible to make age spots disappear. AK Beautiful You can help reduce pigmentation in these areas and help you achieve youthful skin with an even skin tone with a range of cosmetic treatments.

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What Are Age Spots?

Age spots are brown or black spots that commonly appear on the face, neck, and hands with age. They are sometimes referred to as “liver spots” and are caused by the overproduction of melanin. These marks are most likely caused by UV light exposure, often from sun damage or tanning beds. They are most common in people over the age of 40 who have fair skin and frequently get sun exposure.

Can Age Spots Turn Into Cancer?

Age spots are harmless and will not turn to cancer. However, if you’re concerned about a mark on your skin, it may be a good idea to get it checked by a dermatologist. Age spots are generally flat and round. If you notice a mark on your skin that is very dark, has a strange border, or has multiple colors, this can indicate the mark is not an age mark and needs further evaluation. You should also see a doctor if you notice the spot is growing or you feel any kind of itchiness, pain, or bleeding.

How Can You Treat Ae Spots?

While people may try bleaching methods or even lemon juice to lighten up age spots, there are several cosmetic treatments that can achieve effective, quick results. Here are some of the best solutions we offer for getting rid of age spots.

Chemical Peels

An anti-aging peel targets areas of hyperpigmentation, using an exfoliating acid combined with performance brightening and anti-inflammatory agents to stimulate cell growth and spread-out pigments. You will need several treatments to achieve the desired results, which often means a course of four to six treatments every two weeks. Micropeels can also help treat skin blemishes, including those caused by aging, which includes three treatments into one: dermaplaning, resurfacing, and cryogenic therapy.


The goal of microdermabrasion is to resurface your skin. These treatments can address a wide variety of skin issues at once, including addressing skin discoloration and sun damage in addition to removing extra skin buildup, shrinking pores, and minimizing acne scars. It achieves these results by simultaneously increasing microcirculation and collagen disposition. This treatment can be combined with one of our chemical peels.

Photo Rejuvenation Facial

We offer IPL Photofacials, which are a type of non-surgical cosmetic treatment that uses Intense Pulsed Light therapy. The process includes causing controlled, small wounds to the skin using a targeted laser, which removes or minimized age spots with minimal side effects with a very fast recovery time.


If you are looking for a painless and noninvasive option for reducing the appearance of age spots, dermaplaning can help by removing dead skin cells from your face to reveal a healthy, youthful-looking skin surface underneath. This exfoliation process is performed by one of our qualified clinicians using a tool called a dermatome. For the best results, you may want to combine dermaplaning sessions with chemical peels.

If you’re looking for the best place in Anchorage to get treated for your age spots, AK Beautiful You has a team of qualified clinicians that can administer the right cosmetic treatments for your needs.

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