Acne makes life awkward and unpleasant at any age. Acne happens when hair follicles become blocked with oil and dead skin. Unfortunately, getting rid of it takes more than a simple cleansing routine. Suppose acne is preventing you from having clear, beautiful skin. In that case, the best thing to do is seek help from a skincare professional. Here’s a list of excellent acne treatments to bring back your healthy glow.

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Best Acne Treatments for Adults

Finding the best acne treatments isn’t easy. Health and beauty stores online and off offer an array of products promising to put an end to your acne woes. The problem is that adults who have acne need better treatments than they can get from a bottle. Here are the three top professional acne treatments for adults.

Chemical Peel

A chemical peel is a procedure that can be used for adult acne treatments. The skin specialist applies a chemical solution to your skin to remove its top layers. When new skin grows, it is healthier and smoother.

When used as a clinical acne treatment, the goal of a chemical peel is to get to the cause of the acne. Another aim is to manage future breakouts. With bacteria and debris out of the way, your skin feels fresh, hydrated, and clean. Just as important, it looks smoother and clearer.


Micro-dermabrasion involves using an abrasive to remove the top, thick, uneven layer of your skin. When it is used for adult acne, it can reduce enlarged pores and lighten acne scarring. After this treatment, your skin has a more beautiful tone and texture. If your skin condition warrants it, your clinician might recommend having this procedure along with a chemical peel. Together, these two treatments provide a complete acne solution.


For facial acne, skincare professionals may use dermaplaning. To do this procedure, they use a surgical blade to remove unhealthy skin cells. A unique form of manual exfoliation, this acne treatment can result in healthier-looking skin. In some cases, dermaplaning is combined with chemical or acid solutions for even better results.

Personalized Treatment Plans for Acne

Acne treatment should never be a one-size-fits-all solution. You are a unique person, and your acne problems may be quite different from someone else’s. That’s why it is always better if the service starts with a careful assessment, followed by a customized treatment plan. Then, your treatment brings better results because it is precisely what you need as an individual.

Why Go to a Certified Clinician?

When you have acne as an adult, it’s not uncommon to hear a lot of advice from friends and family who are trying to help. However, do-it-yourself methods of treating acne don’t provide much relief. The harshest ones can even damage your skin. That’s why it’s so important to go to a professional for acne treatment. A skincare specialist can accurately evaluate your condition and provide safe, effective treatments to give you clearer, natural-looking skin.

Where to Go for Help with Acne

Go to a reputable skincare professional for the best, safest acne treatments. For acne treatment in Alaska, you can make no better choice than AK Beautiful You. We have extensive training and experience in treating acne and other skin conditions. Focused on improving your skin’s health and appearance, we take extra care to provide you with the best acne treatments for your unique skin.

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