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Julia Stompolos, RN

Aesthetic Injector located in Anchorage, AK

Julia Stompolos, RN

Julia Stompolos, RN, is an exceptional registered nurse at AK Beautiful You LLC in Anchorage, Alaska. 

A graduate of Westminster College, Julia earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She quickly fell in love with medical aesthetics. With an eye for achieving the most natural-looking enhancements for her patients, Julia has over 10 years of experience in medical aesthetics. 

Julia believes in honoring the authenticity of each patient she sees. Through these honest, transparent relationships, Julia is able to determine the best course of treatment for her clients. She treats the whole person with safety as her priority. Many think that cosmetic treatments are changing a person’s appearance; however, Julia knows these techniques are meant to soften and support the naturally occurring aging process. She is proud to help patients put their best face forward. 

Outside of work, Julia enjoys global travel, making art, and spending time with her family.