Microneedling rejuvenates your skin from the inside out. It uses miniature sterile needles to prick countless tiny holes in your skin. Although it may sound painful, it’s actually a minimally invasive procedure that you can tolerate easily, thanks to a topical anesthetic.

The magic happens below your skin’s surface. Your body responds to the micro-punctures and sends a flood of collagen to the scene to repair the damage, which is how it got its other name — collagen induction therapy.

Collagen is the protein responsible for your skin’s strength, resilience, and structure, so the production surge remodels your skin from within. As it builds up, your wrinkles disappear, your pores shrink, and your skin looks and feels firmer.

Although microneedling alone is a highly effective cosmetic treatment, microneedling with radiofrequency (RF) is even better. We offer this powerful combo treatment at AK Beautiful You, LLC, in Anchorage, Alaska, and our master estheticians and medical providers are here to explain why RF is a game-changer for this beloved skin treatment.

Why microneedling with RF is better

Microneedling alone is a great way to rid your face of unwelcome flaws, so it’s reasonable to wonder: Why mess with a good thing?

We asked ourselves the same question and did our homework before adopting the new technology. While our team stays abreast of all technological advances in our field, we only incorporate new treatments after fully vetting them and verifying their safety, effectiveness, and value.

Microneedling with RF scores high on all counts.

We’ve found that RF microneedling outpaces microneedling alone in every way, which means you reap the benefits. In short, the RF energy that surges through the microneedles boosts the efficiency of every feature. Here are a few ways RF enhances your microneedling treatment:

  • Constricts your skin’s layers, which smoothes the surface layer
  • Penetrates deeper than microneedling alone
  • Prevents tissue damage
  • Stimulates more collagen production
  • Breaks up scar tissue more efficiently
  • Allows higher level of customization
  • Generates gentle heat in the dermis to enhance skin tightening

While it takes 3-8 weeks for your final results to appear, RF microneedling delivers on its promise to rejuvenate and remodel your skin so it looks fresher and younger for longer.

Comparing two RF microneedling technologies

AK Beautiful You, LLC, offers two types of RF microneedling: Morpheus8 and Potenza™.


Morpheus8 by InMode is the deepest fractional treatment on the market — it can gently heat your skin’s inner layers up to 8mm below the surface. This deep penetration means the remodeling occurs at your skin’s core, so the results are more significant and last longer.

By generating heat in your dermis, Morpheus8 not only generates collagen production, which rejuvenates your skin’s structure, but it also destroys fat cells, allowing us to recontour your face and eliminate fatty curves that detract from your profile.


Potenza by Cynosure® uses proprietary technology that couples bipolar and monopolar RF energy. This combination allows the device to operate in four distinct treatment modes, making it highly customizable and versatile.

Potenza also comes with multiple tip options that enable us to target your skin flaws precisely. For example, we use the semi-insulated tips for overall coverage requiring only a single insertion, and we use the insulated tips when your treatment requires deeper penetration.

The fusion tip delivers topical treatments into your dermis layer more efficiently than traditional microneedling can, and the tiger tip allows us to treat more tissue in a single session while preserving your epidermis.

Find out which of these two advanced technologies can better address your facial flaws and complexion complaints. Call AK Beautiful You, LLC, or request an appointment online.

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