Many people steer away from laser hair removal because they think it will be painful or just irritate their skin. What you need to know is that laser hair removal is an effective and permanent treatment that will save you a lot of time and effort not having to wax or shave. Plus, it is easy and causes minimal pain! Here’s everything you need to know before your first appointment.

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What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is an effective approach for getting rid of unwanted body hair, including on your underarms, legs, chest, back, upper lip, eyebrow, and bikini areas. Unlike shaving or waxing, laser hair removal destroys the hair’s roots right down to the follicle, offering a permanent solution.

Shaving and waxing can make your skin silky smooth, but what do you notice happening after a couple of days? Prickly legs can be a woman’s worst enemy. When you shave, you go over the hair follicle, but you don’t completely get rid of it, which is why it continues growing back. Waxing pulls the hair out at the root and lasts longer than shaving, but it doesn’t inhibit growth in the way that laser hair removal does.

The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

If you are still unsure about the pain factor, check out the many benefits that laser hair removal has on anyone no matter how thick, thin, or coarse your hair may be.

Produces long-lasting results – When you choose laser hair removal, the hair is much thinner than before. The hair can take weeks or months to grow back after every session.

Makes hair thinner – Because you are essentially burning the hair out from the root, the hair follicle takes longer to form and won’t grow back as thick as your hair normally is.

Smooths areas on the skin – Since it will take longer for hair to grow back and treated areas come back with finer hair, you can enjoy smooth, non-prickly skin for longer.

Helps avoid ingrown hairs – Say goodbye to ingrown hairs with laser hair removal. Since the laser removes the hair from the root, there is less risk of razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

Prevents scarring – When you shave and accidentally cut yourself, it may turn into a scar and be on your body for the rest of your life. Not with laser hair removal. It works to eliminate scarring at all costs.

Is cost-effective in the long run – Laser hair treatments aren’t cheap, but you require fewer treatments to get the results you want. Compared to waxing every couple of weeks, you can save by waiting a month or more between sessions.

Saves time – Shaving and waxing consume time. Why waste time when you can get laser hair removal? Sessions usually take less than 20 minutes.

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Pain Level of Laser Hair Removal

While laser hair removal isn’t completely painless, most people find sessions bearable and compare the sensation to a tiny rubber band snapping at your skin. Depending on the treatment area, the pain level is often less than waxing. Many people would say the results are so beneficial that a little pain is worth it.

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We provide safe, proven, and effective treatment methods to get you the skin you’ve always dreamed of. We offer permanent hair reduction with the Icon Pulsed Light System. This treatment works by safely heating and disabling the cells used for growth. We recommend at least five treatments for desired results at 4- to 12-week intervals.

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